3d glasses

To present a STEREOSCOPIC MOTION PICTURE, two images are projected superimposed onto the same screen through CIRCULAR POLARIZING FILTERS of opposite handedness. The viewer wears eyeglasses which contain a pair of analyzing filters (circular polarizers mounted in reverse) of opposite handedness. Light that is left-circularly polarized is blocked by the right-handed analyzer, while right-circularly polarized light is blocked by the left-handed analyzer. The result is similar to that of stereoscopic viewing using linearly polarized glasses, except the viewer can tilt his or her head and still maintain left/right separation (although stereoscopic image fusion will be lost due to the mismatch between the eye plane and the original camera plane).


C17 / 0.70 MM

C19 / 0.70 MM

C 66 / 0.70 MM

C17 (Matt Finish) / 0.70 MM


B 15 (0.38 MM)

B 25 (0.28 MM & 0.38 MM)

B 49 (Kids) (0.25 MM)

B 75 (0.28 MM & 0.38 MM)

B 88 (0.28 MM & 0.38 MM)

B 92 (0.25 MM)

B 112 (0.38 MM)


A 56 Solid Paper Glasses (0.18 MM)

B 109 (0.18 MM)

B 119 (Kids) (0.18 MM)


IMAX B117_ 0.18mm