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3D Glasses

To present a STEREOSCOPIC MOTION PICTURE, two images are projected superimposed onto the same screen through CIRCULAR POLARIZING FILTERS of opposite handedness. The viewer wears eyeglasses which contain a pair of analyzing filters (circular polarizers mounted in reverse) of opposite handedness. Light that is left-circularly polarized is blocked by the right-handed analyzer, while right-circularly polarized light is blocked by the left-handed analyzer. The result is similar to that of stereoscopic viewing using linearly polarized glasses, except the viewer can tilt his or her head and still maintain left/right separation (although stereoscopic image fusion will be lost due to the mismatch between the eye plane and the original camera plane)

3D System

The UNIPOAR 3D SYSTEM for cinemas is a polarized 3D system, that is based on the projector presenting a alternating segments of circularly polarized material. Mounted in front of the projector lens, this filter is synchronized to the projected images, giving each frame a polarization perpendicular to the previous one, which can be viewed with polarized 3D glasses.